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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Parts Unlimited & Drag Specialties NVP Review part 3

Parts Unlimited & Drag Specialties  NVP Review part 3

Barnett Clutches & Cables: Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Charlie Barnett started out with a small storefront in Huntington Park, California, in 1948. Since then, the company has grown to be an international presence in the aftermarket, producing clutches and control cables with direct-fit/upgrade applications for just about everything on two wheels - from vintage bikes to the newest machines on the showroom floor, street to off-road, and even ATVs. "Everything is made in the USA," says Jennifer Darling, "with top-quality materials and designs. Multiple quality checks throughout the build process guarantee that when a customer installs a Barnett clutch or cable, they know they are getting a reliable, durable, no-compromise high-quality upgrade;"

Performance Machine: Himself a racer, PM President Chris Lindstrom has spearheaded one of the most significant expansions for the Cerritos, California based manufacturer in its 53-year history with the move into the burgeoning UTV parts, accessory and performance market;

Bagger Nation: Ever the consummate showman, Paul Yaffe continues to push the boundaries of the Bagger parts and accessories market. Recent new product designs include 'Swoop' rear fenders for Trikes, 'Fix-Stand' side stand upgrade kit for the notoriously unstable side stands on M-8 models and custom COB 'Firebolt' LED taillights;

Supersprox: The (not so) little matter of war with Russia hasn't stopped DJ Maughfling and his team at the Supersprox factory in Ukraine (Zhytomyr, west of Kyiv) from producing motorcycle sprockets. A new deal for USA with Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties will see production ramp up and domestic U.S. availability greatly improved. The company dates back to 1959 when DJ's father Roger (a passionate racer) started with a motorcycle repair shop in England. Supersprox is now the largest producer of sprockets in Europe. Supersprox has 70 people in Ukraine and the determination, and no small measure of creativity they have shown to not allowing the forces of fascism and authoritarianism to destroy their freedom and everything they have built, has been exemplary - "kudos cubed!";

SlyFox Performance:
Alex Fox is building a strong reputation on the Bagger Racing circuit and for his fast-growing range of Bagger parts and accessories. Seen here with his race-ready Road King - the 2023 Drag Specialties catalog cover bike - built in collaboration with Joe Haupt and the team at Suburban Harley-Davidson (Thiensville, Wisconsin);

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products: Jeff Zielinski's Oreland, Pennsylvania based market-leading electrical system emporium of excellence has been in new product overdrive the past few months with new Royal Flush 'Letric' lighting options and a range of EFI system wiring harness upgrades;

Feuling Performance Parts: Luke Leatherman told AMD that "our HP+ and RACE SERIES oiling system kits for M-8 engines include Feuling's 7075 billet aluminum high flow camplates - designed to be 50% harder and stronger than the factory or Feuling OE+ equivalents. We increase oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages, including matching the oil port holes throughout the camplate to the port holes in the engine case - this increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings." Backed by a no-charge extendable one-year warranty, these kits deliver 27% more pressure and scavenge volume over stock, 42% more scavenge volume through port sizing, matched passages and holes to the engine case and 68% more oil volume to the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing. "They are proven to cool engine temperatures by 15-25 degrees cooler and reduce oil temperatures by between 15-30 degrees with 10-30 more PSI of oil pressure";

Vance & Hines: Still flush with its 2022 AFT Production Twins class championship win, industry veteran Eddie Tejerus told AMD that reaction to the new torque-boosting Power Chamber Exhaust (PCX) technology series (with included catalyst for EPA compliance), introduced at the Drag Specialities NVP at Madison last summer, has been "exceptional";

Coastal Moto: 2023 additions include availability of its popular Largo 3D wheel design with matching 18x7 rears for Harley Tri-Glides, Freewheelers and the brand-new Road Glide 3. Plus, precision-cast Marlin 3D bronze fronts and rears for 2000-2023 Touring models. Offered for ABS or non-ABS models, with or without factory TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) compatibility. Options include polished rotors (11.5" for 2000-2007 or 11.8" for 2008-2022), wheel only, or choice of Dunlop American Eagle, Michelin Commander or Metzeler ME888 tires;