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Tuesday 7 March 2023

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

NAMZ Racing Division - "Go Fast Kit"

Oreland, Pennsylvania based NAMZ Custom Cycle Products' (NCCP) CEO Jeff Zielinski says: "If you want to add simple fuel injection to a Twin Cam using a TBW throttle body, or you have a race-ready M-8 and want to ditch the CAN bus BCM, then our N-EFI-01 makes it really easy to customize your ride or bring an old custom into today's technology."

In 2022, NAMZ released a stand-alone Twin Cam EFI harness kit which includes a complete in-house designed and manufactured EFI harness and a proprietary twist grip sensor and ECM made exclusively for it by Thundermax.

However, now released from its Racing Division, Jeff says that "if you have an M-8 that you want to wake up or you're building a custom, we have the perfect 'go fast' kit (N-EFI-02) designed specifically for the job. The harness is virtually plug-n-play as it only has four wires to connect once installed - one for the run/stop switch, one for the fuel pump, one for 12+ battery power and one for the 12- ground. 

"All of the connectors are installed, and wire lengths are predetermined for an easy installation. Our twist grip functions just like the factory version, though our first release didn't cancel cruise control, and that has since been corrected. 

"Lastly, the ECM is a one-connector, plug-n-play module that is easily tunable using Thundermax's proprietary software and included cable. This EFI kit comes with the wiring harness, twist grip assembly, Thundermax ECM (with instructions), long-length O2 sensors and computer programming cable. 

"The kit is really easy to install and works flawlessly. If racing is more your speed, we also offer an M-8 version of this kit, which also eliminates the need for Harley's troublesome CAN bus and BCM system found on ALL 2014-up Big Twin motorcycles." 

Jeff says that he is proud to be able to use the respected NAMZ brand to sponsor individual racers and race teams for the BRL or King Of The Baggers racing series as well. "Our racing program is simple and it's easy to get signed up, send an email to and someone will reach out to you right away.

"These EFI kits are ONLY available direct or from select dealers worldwide, but are not available for sale in California."