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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Zodiac International

SuperTrapp - Pan America Slip-On

Available in Europe through Zodiac International, this stainless steel muffler with SuperTrapp's 5" tunable disc system comes with 22 pre-installed discs "for a deep, low tone rumble" on Harley's Pan America Adventure Tourer.
It comes with an S-bend connector tube and all the necessary hardware to bolt it straight onto the stock headers. The complete slip-on muffler kit is around 2.5 kg lighter than the stock exhaust. The SuperTrapp tunable disc system allows you to adjust, or “fine tune,” the sound level, powerband and performance. 

SuperTrapp discs also provide a scavenging effect - the gap between each disc ranges from .023 inch (0.584 mm) wide on the inside of the muffler to .028 inch (0.711 mm) on the external open edge. As hot exhaust gases pass through the discs to exit the muffler, they enter a larger area, creating a slight pressure drop as the gas expands, creating a scavenging effect for the hot gas still inside the muffler.
Adding discs increases the size of the exhaust outlet, increases exhaust flow and exhaust tone, while reducing backpressure. More discs move the power band up to give more top-end power and lean out the fuel mixture.
Removing discs decreases the size of the exhaust outlet, decreases exhaust tone and exhaust flow, while backpressure is increased. Fewer discs tend to increase low-end torque and make the fuel mixture richer. The tunable disc system also allows you to compensate for changes in altitude and air temperature without rejetting or changing the air intake.