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Tuesday 18 October 2022

Cardo Systems

Industry-Wide Bluetooth Comms Agreement

Cardo Systems, UClear and Midland Communications of Italy have jointly announced the launch of 'Open Bluetooth Intercom' (OBI) - an open industry-wide Bluetooth intercom standard, allowing seamless cross-brand Bluetooth intercom connectivity.
Cardo says that the partnership will help overcome many of the common frustrations experienced with traditional 'universally connected' devices and foster a new era of significantly improved cross-brand experience.

Cardo's recently introduced Packtalk Edge will be among the Cardo products supporting the new standard, with existing units able to be brought into compatibility with an online update download.

While 'universal connectivity' enables pairing between cross-brand communicators, the experience for users is often inferior when compared to if they were connected to a device from the same brand. The pairing process can often be complex, previous connections forgotten and not always possible to make phone calls or listen to music in parallel to the intercom connection. All of these challenges are overcome with the introduction of the 'Open Bluetooth Intercom' agreement.
Speaking on behalf of the partners, Shachar Harari, VP of Business Development of Cardo Systems, explained: "Having just launched our 'Universal Communication Solution', the announcement of our 'Open Bluetooth Intercom' further cements our commitment to providing motorcyclists with the best solutions to communicate while riding.
"The new partnership will enable riders to fully enjoy seamless Bluetooth intercom connectivity across the brands and will further foster the penetration of communication solutions among riders worldwide."
'Open Bluetooth Intercom' describes various extensions to the 'Bluetooth Handsfree Profile', designed for direct duplex communications between Bluetooth-capable devices - enhancing the interoperability of different partnership brands in the Bluetooth communicator market, meaning that riders no longer have to agree with fellow riding partners on a brand to buy.
OBI will be supported on the following 2022 lines from Cardo: Spirit, Freecom X, and the Packtalk line is available using an over-the-air update.
Korea based SENA Technology is reported to have declined to go ahead with its involvement in the scheme, having withdrawn from the partnership.