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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Tucker Powersports' Twin Power

New M-8 Oil Pump Exceeds Stock Specs

Tucker Powersports' Twin Power brand has added a high-performance oil pump to its portfolio - designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles with air-cooled M-8 engines. Twin Power Brand Manager James Simonelli reports that it offers "significantly improved performance over the stock oil pump."

The Twin Power oil pump is said to offer better crankcase evacuation, resist sumping and improve oil flow - specifically, an increase of 123% on the feed side and 146% on the scavenge side versus the current (fourth generation) M-8 oil pump is reported (testing done at 2,500 rpm).
In addition, a corrective spacer is included, which improves performance and prevents wear on the factory camplate. A stock-style seal is incorporated into the cover, similar to the latest factory design. 

"We love the new Milwaukee-Eight platform," says James. "It's a fantastic design with huge benefits over previous generation Harley engines. We saw that there were design changes since the engine's original introduction, and we know that a reliable oil system is critical to any engine, whether it's a stock rebuild or a maximum performance hot rod.
"That's why we are offering this oil pump that's better than the stock version on the M-8 models produced today. With a true bolt-in installation, compatibility with stock or aftermarket components and an affordable price... what's not to like?" The new Twin Power oil pump fits all air-cooled M-8 model Harleys.