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Tuesday 11 October 2022

Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited NVP Dealer Expo Part 5

After a three-year hiatus, Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties and Parts Canada were back together for the 2022 North American NVP Expo in Madison, WI, and it was full speed ahead.
The event, which took place August 18th to August 21st at the Monona Terrace, was a long-awaited reunion of the three companies to introduce the fall buying season. Not only was the expo floor expanded to accommodate over 20 new vendors, but the dealer attendance increased by 40%, making it the largest Madison NVP Expo ever.   
Paul Langley, Chairman of LeMans Corp, said: "A record number of vendors, dealers and LeMans staff participated in the 2022 Summer NVP, and post show feedback has been abundant and extremely positive. The planning and teamwork put forth by our dedicated staff, along with a three-year hiatus, crafted the best NVP I have ever witnessed. Moving forward, we can build on this momentum for 2023 and beyond."  
Highlights of the weekend included a dealer-packed Expo floor both days and 20+ new vendors in attendance across many markets - from H-D to ATV/UTV and many from our newest market, E-bike. The Intense TazerMX E-bike booth held a steady stream of visitors, where attending dealers were able to get first-hand experience with the bikes and hop on for a test ride. The biggest highlight by far was just being back together, face-to-face with industry colleagues and friends.
James Danyluk, President of Parts Canada, stated: "It had been three years since we last got together, after mere minutes with old industry friends it became very evident the show was going to be a success. The two main ingredients for a successful show are great industry relationships and mutual sales objectives, and the 2022 Madison NVP was a complete success on both."
Mike Collins, President of LeMans Corporation said: "This was the largest family reunion I have ever attended. It was also the best. We've set the bar very high with this one. I can't wait
for Louisville!"
Save the date: Louisville NVP Expo January 21st - 22nd, 2023.

Rekluse: The Official Clutch of AFT, V-twin products include the RadiusX - "delivering high performance at a great value, the RadiusX adds our TorqDrive friction technology to our flagship automatic EXP disc technology, all within an OEM clutch footprint." Designed for use with the stock outer clutch baskets, RadiusX is a high-performance centrifugal auto clutch;

Fat Baggers: 'EZ' install two-piece handlebars in a range of styles and sizes, plus install kits, clutch actuators and install kits, drop seat kit;

Maxima: Originally best known for its MX and Off-Road oils, Southern California based Maxima was one of the pioneers of the 'Oil Change in a Box' concept for V-twins. The company's fully synthetic 10W-50 V-Twin engine oil meets or exceeds all OEM specifications for all of Harley's Big Twins - very much the right product, in the right place and at the right time for the Pan America - offering shear stable, ester fortified protection, oil viscosity and film thickness at any temperature;


Saddlemen: Proudly claiming to have been "the #1 in Gel Seating since 1987," Saddlemen has updated its Dyna, Sportster and FXR oriented 'Step-Up' style seat for two-up riding. Much more of a performance style than many of its designs, the 'Step-Up' nonetheless has the width to accommodate a deep driver seating area and is some 4" wider than the original version, making it suitable for most popular models. Saddlemen use ProFoam and SaddleGel to build the Gel-Core technology that allows the company's seats to conform to the rider's body and allow longer riding hours with less road shock and vibration;

Standard Motorcycle Products: Long Island, New York based SMP is probably the oldest established American company selling motorcycle parts, founded over 100 years ago! Its specialty is motorcycle electrical components and accessories such as 'Blue Streak' brand ignition wire sets, coils and starter relays and points and condensers, EFi, vacuum-operated electrical switches and cam position sensor plate assemblies, switches, voltage regulator-generators, relays, starter solenoids, drives and repair kits, stators and rotors and more;


Klock Werks: Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022, Brian Klock's Mitchell, South Dakota business already has a storied past. From Discovery Biker Build-Off wins to the Bonneville Salt Flats, from special edition Jack Daniel's Indian Motorcycle designs, right through to the Flare windshields that are its largest product line these days, Klock has never been afraid to try out new ideas, pursue opportunities and put himself to the test;