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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Freedom Performance

Harley Sportster 'Amendment' Side Slash - Optional Crossover

Corona, California exhaust manufacturer Freedom Performance has introduced a new application for Harley Sportsters - the Harley Sportster 'Amendment' side slash.
"Designed to give full range torque, optimal horsepower and deep throaty sound," CEO and co-founder Martin Arteaga said. "One of the signature features includes our one-piece 16-gauge heavy duty heatshield with a 2 1/2" outer diameter and 220-degree coverage."

Shipping with complete mounting hardware and brackets, and O2 ports for the O2 sensors, "each exhaust system is customizable including your choice of ceramic black or show chrome.
"You also have the freedom to choose between the standard header, which is great for long runs, or the crossover chamber header. Although it does add a minimal increase in heat, the crossover chamber will provide more torque - which is great for short runs and increases horsepower.
"What is the difference between a standard true-dual header and crossover chamber header? Freedom's standard true-dual header has an individual header for each cylinder. The front cylinder pushes more than the rear because it gets more air and gas, thus generating more horsepower. The 'Crossover Chamber Header' combines the gas flow from the front and rear header cylinders - adding heat in the crossover chamber to generate more torque.
"Simply put, torque is a way to measure force. Torque is great for short runs. Horsepower, on the other hand, measures the amount of power that is transferred from the engine to the wheels.
"The FPE heat shields cover the crossover chamber, so they look flawless. This exhaust system includes our performance baffle, which has been pre-fitted for an even easier installation, however, we do offer a quiet baffle, which lowers the exhaust by 5 to 8 dB."
Freedom's 'Amendment' side slash is also available for Harley Softails.