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Tuesday 11 October 2022

Burly Brand

Burly Bars - 'Louie' and 'Viejo'

Part of the Cerritos, California based Powerhouse Brands Group - along with Progressive Suspension and Performance Machine - the wide-ranging luggage, pegs, and fairings to lights, shocks, seats, and suspension Burly Brand offers includes popular contemporary handlebar design options that bring a "twist of west coast moto" to the mainstream.


Brand Specialist Joshua Rowlands says that Burly Brand needed to add some apes to the range "that 'The King' would approve of - that's 'King Louie' of Jungle Book fame, not Elvis. Though I dare say that the 'King of the Singers' would have been as impressed as the 'King of the Swingers'.
"Our 'Louie' ape hangers are for those who want the tallest and most exaggerated look possible - those who want to be the King of their own jungle and to 'own it' where bragging rights are concerned.
"Offering an authentic old look with a whole new attitude they are available in a choice of a 16" (with 36" width and 7" pullback) or 19" rise (with 38" width and 7.5" pullback) to give that true Ape Hanger feel." 


Also see here, the 'Viejo' 14" is a "classic style ape hanger with a contemporary feel. Our 'Viejo' bar is designed to give riders that aggressive look they want with an unmatched comfort position. Running internal wiring is a breeze with our open-end bar that is finished off with end caps after installation. 'Viejos recuerdos, nuevas experiencias' - old memories, new experiences."
The 14" height is complemented by a 31" width and 4" pullback. Moon end caps are included. They are cable and electronic throttle compatible. Both bars are available in in black, chrome or textured black (matte).