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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Stat Attack

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC, Irvine, California) has confirmed that domestic US off-highway motorcycle sales for the first half of 2020 were up by a staggering 50.3%, with Dual Sports up by 20.9%, Scooter sales +4% and on-highway sales down by -9.6%. Combined total on and off highway motorcycle sales were +6.4% compared to the first half of 2019. Hurrah for our side!

Switzerland: MotoSuisse data shows total new motorcycle registrations racing back into positive territory with registrations +14.58% at 21,833 units for the year to July. In total PTW terms, the Swiss market is up +9.63% (33,969 total units) for the YTD. Yamaha continues as motorcycle market share leader with 4,231 units sold YTD, with Kawasaki second (3,287) and BMW third (2,667). Harley is 7th with 1,382 units sold YTD and Indian is 10th (446 units).

Poland: The PZPM reports new motorcycle registrations at +22.82% in June (2,949 units), but still down for the year to June by -9.56% at 10,429 units (total new PTWs are
-19.08% at 17,815 units). The totals for motorcycles receiving their first Polish registration were -13.77% at 43,267 units, and PTWs -16.32% at 54,876 units.

Sweden: The McRF reports new motorcycle registrations doing well at +10.08% for the year to July (9,909 units). Total new PTW registrations are +13.64% YTD at 20,432 units. McRF CEO Niklas Kristoffersson said that "the numbers clearly show that consumers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of PTW use as an important transport solution."

Austria: Arge2Rad data shows motorcycle registrations for the year to June are -12.86% (8,627 units), and PTW registrations -8.02% (22,842 units). KTM is market leader, followed by BMW and Honda, with Harley 7th (523 units sold, 6% market share) and Indian 15th (64 units sold).

Spain: ANESDOR reports continuing signs of market improvement, with motorcycle registrations for July +16.45% at 23,793 units. The growth means that the market lag has declined to 'just' -18.30% (89,033 units) for the YTD. Like most of Europe, after a good start to the year, registrations in Spain fell off a cliff respectively in March (-46.64%), April (-94.43%) and May (-43.68%). In total PTW terms, Spain was +19.77% in July at 27,254 units and -16.82% YTD at 99,848 units.

UK: Data from the MCIA shows that new motorcycle registrations in the UK were up in July by +41.96% (13,093 units) and have now recovered to "just" -16.73% for the first seven months of the year (54,494 units). Registrations were +13.43% in June (12,520 units), having been -51.86% in May (4,965 units), -83.93% (1,467 units) in April and -22.19% in March (12,484 units). For the YTD, the UK is running at -16.73 (54,494 units). Total PTW registrations were +41.72% in July (13,945 units) and are -16.13% YTD (57,807 units in total).

Suzuki reports a -53.1% drop in corporate consolidated net sales revenue (to 425.2bn yen) for the first quarter (April to June). Operating income was -97.9% and net income
-95.6%. The company produced 189,000 powersports vehicles (3,000 of them were ATVs), which was -56% down, with no production recorded at all for the United States (with no US sales either), 6,000 units in Japan and 170,000 in Asia.

Kawasaki first quarter results (to June 2020) show that its global powersports industry business had sold 67,000 units compared to 110,000 for the year-ago quarter (-39%) for 58.9bn yen (-9.3%; including 8.5bn yen worth of general-purpose gasoline engines). Motorcycle unit sales in developed markets were 29,000, worth some 24.7bn yen, with 25,000 units sold (for 9.1bn yen) in emerging markets. The segment posted a -5.9bn yen loss for the quarter compared to a -2.8bn yen loss in the year-ago quarter. Unsurprisingly, it says of its Motorcycle and Engine division that "the market has been significantly affected due to the impact of COVID-19 in the major markets of Europe, North America and South East Asia."

KTM: PIERER Mobility AG has reported sales of KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS motorcycles and e-bikes as being 124,682 units for the first six months of the year (down from 135,711 last year). "The motorcycle market developed surprisingly strongly," particularly in the US (+20%) and Australia (+39%), with 4% global growth reported, and additional employees recruited to meet demand.

According to CDK Global Lightspeed U.S., same store retail data for June 2020 published by PSB (from more than 1,600 dealerships of all kinds), June new and pre-owned unit sales sustained the "record setting" momentum seen in May. The worst performing region of the USA was the West, where stores only recorded an average of 44.9% revenue growth in major units.