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Tuesday 22 September 2020


Galfer - Over 300 CUBIQ Brake Disc Applications

Spanish brake component manufacturer Galfer launched its new CUBIQ brake disc design at EICMA in November 2019 and, as the originators of the 'Disc Wave' design, they are well on the way to replicating its popularity with over 300 CUBIQ model applications already available for H-D, Indian Motorcycle, Victory and custom V-twin fitments as well as for many of the best selling Japanese and European brand on-highway models.
The new CUBIQ brake disc concept features a unique braking track shape in the form of hexagons, similar to the crystalline structure of steel molecules.
This enhances cooling and significantly reduces the weight. The reduced unsprung mass improves agility and motorcycle maneuverability (gyroscopic effect), reduces dynamic imbalance under breaking and contributes to reducing stopping distances.
Galfer USA CEO Sandro Milesi, a veteran of the international motorcycle brakes industry, said that "by understanding the dynamic requirements of today’s motorcycles, and applying a simulation model using contemporary elements, we have designed a geometry that optimizes the mass-heat dissipation ratio.
"The increased convection perimeter provides a greater cooling surface, thus improving heat dissipation, and the CUBIQ design optimizes the wear resistance of the brake pads."