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Tuesday 29 September 2020

Motion Pro

Pro Heavy-Duty Pin Spanner Allows Precision Torque Setting

This Pro heavy-duty pin spanner from Loomis, California based specialist Motion Pro is an innovative specialty service tool designed to provide better control and range when working with pin spanner components. 


Pin spanner components are unique and can be found most commonly on precision motorcycle suspension components. Pin spanner sizes vary, so Motion Pro aimed to provide the primary sizes that a professional tech or home enthusiast may need to remove most components with ease.
Motion Pro's heavy-duty pin spanner includes 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm hardened steel pins, which can be quickly changed using a 7 mm open end wrench.
Fastening to precise torque settings is difficult with standard pin spanner wrench designs, but the 3/8" drive feature included with the Motion Pro heavy-duty pin spanner allows for additional control and use of a torque setting driver to achieve proper torque specifications.
A long-handled 3/8 driver can also be used for more leverage and a secure pull for removing stubborn pin spanner components.  The Motion Pro heavy-duty pin spanner is all-new and provides great features for powersports mechanics and enthusiasts needing the right tool for the job.   
In suspension terms, the most common use of pins is in the installation and removal of shock absorber reservoirs, screw-in seal heads, fork caps and bearing retainers. The freely pivoting, curved low profile arms of the billet heat treated steel, durable black oxide treated Pro heavy-duty spanner have a range of 10.5 mm to 150 mm.
This patented design has a maximum torque rating of 70 lb-ft, and the body of the tool is backed by a lifetime warranty. Replacement pins additionally available.