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Wednesday 16 September 2020

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

Injector Cleaning and Chain Maintenance

Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts offers a large range of V-twin-specific and universal tools and service accessories from Californian specialist Motion Pro.
Among them, this complete fuel injector cleaning kit for most EV1 fuel injectors (EV6 pigtail separately available) - the specific model application information is available on the Motion Pro website.

SlackSetter chain tool

The tool will flush and back-flush injectors for the best possible cleaning process without the need for compressed air - all it requires is an additionally available aerosol can of fuel injection cleaner. It is push-button switch-operated and has an LED battery condition indicator light (9V battery included). It is of a durable billet aluminum construction - "built tough for everyday shop use."
Fuel injector cleaning kit for most EV1 fuel injectors (EV6 pigtail separately available)

Also new to the Mid-USA line-up this year, the patented design Motion Pro SlackSetter chain tool accurately and quickly measures chain slack with two scales to measure chain slack and chain to swingarm clearance (in mm).
Setting chain slack properly dramatically improves chain life, and this portable, lightweight, compact design is made from engineered nylon (anodized etched precision aluminum measuring scale) and will work on most on-highway and off-road applications with up to 75 mm chain slack.

Master link press tool

This Motion Pro original design master link press tool will easily press on and off the master link plates for clip style chains - which means it works on all five series chains.
The hardened steel pins make for reliable use, but the lightweight billet aluminum construction and ergonomic design will not damage the master links. It has a durable, blue anodized finish with laser engraved markings (not for use in breaking rivet master links).