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Tuesday 8 September 2020

American Prime Manufacturing

Comp Master Advance Unit

This Comp Master advance assembly from Santa Fe Springs, California based American Prime Manufacturing has a 304 stainless steel base, with center post, pivot pins and the weights coated with a specially formulated polymer coating.

"The coating protects the components from heat saturation," says industry veteran and APM CEO Ben Kudon. "It reduces friction and, in most cases, strengthens the components to improve efficiency.
"The special CNC-machined coiled springs hold precision tolerances, controlling spring rates to within 5% of specification to provide the max advance and retard applicable to your motorcycle. They are manufactured with precision drawn wire, then zinc plated for corrosion protection with post baking for relieving of potential hydrogen embrittlement.
"The advance unit is assembled at our factory in Santa Fe Sprins, California, and made in the U.S.A. We also have complete rebuild kits available for our own Comp Master advance units that also service Rivera advance units."
This high performance Comp Master Advance Assembly Kit is made from a high grade stainless steel, so it won't rust, and the kit includes the center bolt. It fits all Harley models right up to the introduction of the Twin Cam models.
"Although Harley introduced a form of electronic ignition on its models in late 1979, due to its inherent problems many people converted back to points ignition because of its simplicity. Prior to 1979 all H-D models uses points type ignitions - our Comp Master advance unit was created not only to upgrade a points style ignition, but also to enhance the early electronic ignitions and convert electronic ignitions back to the simplicity of a points ignition."