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Tuesday 22 September 2020


Mupo AB1 EVO Shock for FTR 1200

Italian suspension specialist Mupo has a range of options available for the Indian FTR 1200 - all with similar features and the same genuinely race bred quality and durability that they build into its Super and Hypersport sector sport bike suspensions.

Ideal for both the road and on the track, the hard anodized Mupo AB1 rear shock features “plug and play” adjustments with independent rebound and compression adjustments that work in synergy to ensure optimum balanced suspension performance.
All components are CNC-machined from solid, 100% dimensionally checked and then subjected to selected high-tech component-specific surface treatments for the optimal functioning of each individual part.
An evolution of Mupo's standard AB1 nitrogen gas pressurized monoshock, the AB1 EVO features an upgraded 46 mm Ergal 7075 cylinder (zinc and aluminum alloy for anti-stress properties) instead of steel for improved strength, reliability and main piston precision. The 46 mm piston has been designed to maximize the oil flow and ensure the flatness of the reed valve pack support surfaces, which improves fluid hydraulics and radically increase rear tire grip. The reservoir, head and connections are also in Ergal 7075.
The separate adjustments of double compression at high/low speeds, compression, wheelbase and spring preload with millimeter ring nuts make the AB1 EVO the ideal choice for riders who want precision handling. The 16 mm rod is surface treated with Hyperlox DLC (Diamond Like Coating), which gives a minimum sliding coefficient and therefore greater sensitivity.
Thanks to the wide range of springs available, dealers can customize the shock for their customers' load and riding style preference at point of order. For maximum performance, Mupo recommends the installation of the hydraulic preload option, which allows for dynamic real time adjustment in response to changes in load and road or track surface.
The range of adjustability is immense - 24 clicks of low speed and five clicks of high speed compression; 40 positions of extension and 9 mm of adjustable wheelbase.
All Mupo products are handmade to order and have a 2-year warranty. This can be extended up to six years by carrying out periodic reviews and maintenance per the use and maintenance booklet.