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Tuesday 22 September 2020

Bagger Nation

The 'Sharknado' - "Not All Fairings Are Created Equal"

Our thanks to Phoenix, Arizona based Bagger Nation - Paul Yaffe's emporium of fine parts for discerning riders - for more information about the hugely versatile 'Sharknado' fairing they introduced earlier this year.
As previously reported, it "offers a completely unique, aggressive style" and can be adapted to just about any H-D model - yes, you read it right, almost ANY H-D model.
Bagger Nation has its own composite shop on its three building 'campus' and each 'Sharknado' fairing is, literally, individually handmade by experienced craftsmen - and this is no cheap fiber spray gun process either.

Each 3D, hand formed 'Sharknado' fairing ships in gelcoat, is fully finished inside and out, and utilizes the separately available H-D Fat Bob LED headlight.

Paul Yaffe told us: "Ours is a composite material and process, which is another, different form of fiberglass - a higher quality version.
"An analog would be working with Prepreg Carbon Fiber. Our composite is made up of several components. It is a cross-patterned cloth that is hand laid direct into a 3D mold. Resin is then rolled into it by hand to assure uniform impregnation and void-free construction - which means higher strength and greater durability.
"The inner and outer components are then bonded as one with added internal steel supports to create a three-dimensional product that's mirror-finished on both sides, inside and out - by industry standards this is a very high quality, high standard, high strength way of doing things, but we want our customers to have products that we would be happy to have on our own bikes.

"The norm is what's called a chop gun sprayed material that creates a non-uniformed, messy, void plagued product that is prone to cracking, warping and gas pockets. It's a much cheaper and low labor-intensive process.
"Instead, ours is a really highly skilled craftsmen-produced, durable, high class product. Sad to say, but with every year that passes, that becomes an ever rarer thing in our industry. To be honest, I believe we are one of only a few companies that practice this method and, along with our great designs, that is also why our composite products are so robust and have such a great reputation."

Choice of Klock Werks 'Flare' windshield height options: 9" and 11.5" (seen here)

To finish off the package, Bagger Nation offers a choice of high quality 9" or 11.5" hard coated polycarbonate tinted 'Flare' windshields from Klock Werks. 'Flare' windshields were designed and wind tunnel tested for aerodynamic efficiency to improve front end traction and reduce rider buffeting on a Bonneville Salt Flats National Land Speed Record setting Bagger.
The 'Sharknado' has Bagger Nation's patent-pending EZ mount system integrated into the construction of the fairing and, as a final touch, it is designed to easily take a separately available H-D Fat Bob LED headlight.

Patent-pending integral EZ mount system

"It’s a fact that not all available fairing upgrade options are created equal. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our design ideas and handmake them right here in our Phoenix factory - this mini shark nose profile fairing is unique in design and quality. It even looks awesome in gelcoat!"