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Tuesday 21 July 2020

News Briefs

The MIC's Government Relations team is urgently calling on all members to "speak out against possible tariffs of up to 100 percent on all 500-700 cc motorcycles and scooters, as well as all parts and accessories, from the European Union and the United Kingdom." The United States Trade Representative proposed this on June 24 - a template letter is available for submission of comments before July 25. Scott Schloegel, MIC Senior Vice President of Government Relations, said: "While our economy is working to recover from the pandemic shutdowns, this could have disastrous implications for the powersports industry and its customers. The MIC and its members helped stop this proposal twice before and we must do it again."

Indian Motorcycle has filed trademark applications in several markets for a project it has termed 'EFTR'. It may be further evidence that parent company Polaris has recovered from the dead end that has characterized its 2015 acquisition of Brammo. Earlier this year, as part of a wide-reaching game of management musical chairs, Chris Musso moved from Polaris' international division into a newly created role as senior vice president of electrification strategy for all Polaris brands. Musso's past experience had included responsibility for EVs under Polaris' GEM, Goupil and Ranger off-road lines.


Following a February 2020 hearing that he chose not to attend, the British Pension Ombudsman has ordered disgraced former Norton CEO Stuart Garner to repay around $17.5m of misappropriated pension funds, costs and interest. Some 300 pension investors are thought to have been defrauded by Garner as he struggled for years to finance what can now be seen as a vanity project - one he never had the funds to see through. In April this year what remained of Norton Motorcycle was bought by Indian conglomerate TVS.

AFT is to introduce an expert team of athlete medical professionals that will be present at all rounds of the 2020 race season. The team will provide critical on-site medical care to competitors at no cost to its recipients. AFT has contracted Dr. Ray Rossi, an FIM-certified doctor with decades of experience in motorcycle racing, to provide a group of highly trained, specialized physicians to serve as a rapid-response team. Equipped with the proper medical equipment, a rapid-response UTV (provided by American Honda) based team will lead the on-track response to incidents where medical aid may be needed. 

In order to pay homage to Lilly Farrow, who ran the dealership as a single mother through the Great Depression and a couple of wars, as well as to recognize the new ownership family, AD Farrow H-D of Columbus, Ohio, (the oldest Harley dealership in the world) is now FARROW Harley-Davidson.

American Honda Motor Co. has reported that its sales in May more than doubled over May 2019, with on-highway sales +103% and off-roaders up by a massive +172%. BMW North America, Suzuki and Yamaha have also all reported strong sales through the health emergency, in Suzuki and Yamaha's cases especially of their off-road machines - two and four wheelers.

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