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Tuesday 7 July 2020


Enclosed Conversion for Early Tapered and Splined Shaft Kicker Models

BDL's enclosed SK-2 drive - part #61-39-SK-2 - is designed specifically for fitment to 1955-1964 H-D Big Twins. The "S" in SK stands for splined engine shaft and the "K" stands for kickstart only. 

This is an 8 mm enclosed primary drive kit that accepts the OEM clutch hub most commonly known as the 3-finger hub. The 61-39 indicates sprocket tooth count, 39 front and 61 rear. These two pulleys are the smallest BDL makes for the early model bikes in 8 mm. 
The kit will work on several other splined shaft kickstart models. BDL also offers this conversion for tapered shaft models 1936-1954.