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Wednesday 15 July 2020

Bagger Nation

Bagger Nation Pre-Wired Monkey Bars

Paul Yaffe's Phoenix, Arizona based Bagger Nation's Monkey Bars program is popular with all touring riders, including Baggers of course, and with the company's original Monkey Bars for 2014 - present Street/Electra Glide and Ultra Classic now available "pre-wired", expect them to stay that way - "Monkeying around has never been easier!"

Pre-wired Monkey Bagger Bars for 2014-present Street Glide/Ultra Classic
Shipped direct from the Bagger Nation factory, the pre-wired Monkey Bars come with both plug and play CAN bus control harnesses and connectors installed.  A pull wire is also installed on the throttle side, making the twist grip throttle sensor exchange painless.
The Bagger Nation solution eliminates the need to buy extensions, and the pre-wired option retains the OEM premium quality twist grip throttle sensor and comes complete with internal switch wires and connectors installed. These bars are compatible with the H-D heated grips.
When changing stock bars to Bagger Nation's 8 and 10 inchers, there is no need for new hydraulic brake and clutch lines, but replacements will be needed when installing the 12, 14 or 16" Monkey Bagger Bars.
They are made in steel, are drilled and have a gloss black powder-coat finish and have a 1 1/4" bar diameter with a 1" clamp and grip area diameter, 4 1/2" wide clamp area (knurl to knurl), 8" end rise/height and 15" center width (inside to inside). The overall width is 36" with a 9" pullback/sweep.

Pre-wired OEM Monkey Bars for 2015-present Road Glide
Also seen here are Bagger Nation pre-wired OEM replacement Monkey Bars for 2015 - present Road Glides. They also have both plug and play CAN bus control harnesses and connectors installed, H-D heated grip compatibility, throttle side pull wire and retain the OEM twist grip sensor.
With these stock replacement applications, the 10 inchers don't need new hydraulic brake and clutch lines, but the 12, 14 and 16" options do; also, on 2015 and later Road Glide Ultras and some CVO Road Glides, the purchase of the standard control clamps from a H-D dealer will be required. Available chrome or black with 1 1/4" bar diameter, 10 1/2" center width, 1 1/4" clamp area bar diameter with 4 1/2" knurl to knurl clamp area width, 1" grip area bar diameter, 10" end rise/height and 10 1/2" inside to inside center width.
For more information turn to pages 6-7