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Tuesday 28 July 2020

Motion Pro

Motion Pro - Pro Stocking Planner Optimizes Profits

Loomis, California based tools, cables and controls specialist Motion Pro's new Pro Stocking Planner enables dealers to offer their customers access to an easily re-stocked and fully supported inventory of the company's most popular products.

Such programs are pretty common in many markets, not least automotive, and while they are a feature of the 'metric' motorcycle market, such opportunities are less readily available for Harley dealers and aftermarket custom V-twin stores, as a lot of vendors find it difficult to offer 'critical mass' for the specialty requirements of the V-twin sector.

However, Motion Pro has been working hard to develop its specialty V-twin offer in recent years, and with more than 35 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of its own products, they are in a unique position to combine high quality products for a wide range of applications with specialty items that they have developed themselves.
Motion Pro V-twin specialist Joe Fratis says that "since we unveiled the Pro Stocking Planner to dealers, the take-up among V-twin shops has been enthusiastic - they have never really had access to a program like this before.

"The versatility and ease of use means that the V-twin dealer can tune the selection of products he shows specifically for the demand he sees from his local market. It isn't a 'one size fits all' take-it-or-leave-it inventory package that makes him take slow movers alongside the product he can sell.
"The Pro Stocking Planner is flexible, and I am here as the V-twin specialist at Motion Pro to help an individual shop to tune the profile of its inventory to balance the V-twin-specific items they can't get anywhere else with high quality product that has a broad range of applications for all riders. They know what they can sell locally, so the Pro Stocking Planner lets them build their inventory according to the traffic they get."
Motion Pro unveiled the program a year ago and AMD first saw it at one of the distributor sales meetings earlier this year - it was quite apparent from the reaction of sales reps and dealers that this was going to be a winner in the V-twin market.

The online interface offers a choice of three categories - Cables and Controls, Tools or V-Twin. Based on their budget, dealers can then work the helpful drop-down menus to build a stocking plan to suit their store - the program is ultimately a digital best sellers list based on the experience of thousands of other stores (of all kinds) that provides helpful product suggestions to maximize profits.

Motion Pro's V-twin market specialist says that "since we unveiled the Pro Stocking Planner to dealers, the take-up among V-twin shops has been enthusiastic."

"A dealer does not have to be an expert in our range to start with, though they will quickly become one. That expertise is our job. What the Pro Stocking Planner allows him to do is to draw on our experience and knowledge and combine it with their own local expertise. Dealers can stock what their customers want and sell what they then choose to stock quickly and efficiently," says Joe.
The initial stocking plan offered will optimize the returns on the budget the dealer enters by providing quick product planning options. "Once you have built up a picture of the demand you can capitalize on in your store, then you can refine and tune future plans."