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Tuesday 7 July 2020


The Final King?

Unless we have misinterpreted news released in Europe, Harley-Davidson appears to have decided to retire its Battle of the Kings dealer-build custom competition and has done so with an online shoot-out between 15 (or was it 18?) prior winners.

Harley-Davidson Querétaro, Mexico, won with its stunning 'Apex Predator'.

The nominated platform was the Sportster, and some 50,000 votes have given the 'King of Kings' #1 plate to Harley-Davidson Querétaro, Mexico, with their stunning 'Apex Predator' - described as "their vision of the ultimate Sportster XR1200."
"The Querétaro team's mantra for the design was "Born to attack without a challenge - born to live without rival" - with styling highlights including a handcrafted 2-1-2 under seat upswept exhaust, combined with a vented, handbuilt tail unit to accommodate it, "creating a flowing line from the wave brake disc rotors and upside-down Showa big piston forks at the front."

Second place, Harley-Davidson Athens, Greece - 'Gryps'
Third place, Sykes Harley-Davidson, UK - 'Choo Choo'

"The clean, uncluttered front end uses the LED Daymaker headlamp from a Harley-Davidson Breakout; the bike's lines and design are uninterrupted by the TFT flat panel dash taking nothing away from the design. The bike also boasts a collection of custom hand and foot controls, paired with the hand-finished Alcantara seat unit. Additional bespoke bodywork incorporates the twin air intakes complementing the stance of the bike."
The grand final runner-up was Harley-Davidson Athens, Greece, with a Roadster-based submission 'Gryps', followed in third place by the UK's Sykes Harley-Davidson with a 'Choo Choo' build.

Special commendation was given to Thunderbike Harley-Davidson in Germany, awarded the H-D Styling Team Pick for 'Emperor' by Brad Richards, VP of Styling and Design at H-D.

Special commendation was given to Harley-Davidson Thunderbike, who were awarded the H-D Styling Team Pick by Brad Richards, VP of Styling and Design at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, for 'Emperor'.