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Tuesday 28 July 2020


V-Factor Gas Tanks

This V-Factor Street Pro stretched gas tank for custom use is designed for "long and low" style frames with 5" backbone stretch and 0 or -2" downtube stretch. It is 23" long, 15" wide and has a 2 1/2" wide tunnel.

Street Pro for custom use

There is crossover provision for 10 mm (3/8-24) banjo fittings located at the front of the tank and the 22 mm petcock bung is on the left side near the front of the tank.
The "weld-to-frame" brackets recess in the bottom of the tank gives a hidden look for the rubber isolated mounting brackets; 5.3 gallon capacity; ships in raw steel.
'Peanut' style Sportster

Also seen here, this 2.25 gallon 'Peanut' style Sportster gas tank (1995 - 2002) is available with left or right-side bung position and 22 mm external thread petcock bung. It uses a 1982 and later style vented gas cap and ships in raw steel. 'Peanut' tank for '82-'94 models are also available.