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Wednesday 14 February 2024

MAG Connect

Malparidos - 'Clubstyle' 2-into-1

Established in 2019, award-winning Swiss custom shop Malparidos Moto Parts has been making a name for itself with the 'Clubstyle' custom builds, and in collaboration with Italian exhaust manufacturer Zard has launched its first own brand exhausts - a Euro 4 and 5 homologated (street legal) 2-into-1 race design performance exhaust for M-8 Touring (2017 and up) and Softail (2018 and up).

"As we are a customizer, each exhaust system that carries our name will be meticulously designed in Switzerland and extensively tested on the bench in our custom workshops and on the road. The aim is to combine authentic custom performance styling with cutting edge attention to details.

"Working with the R&D team at Zard, our design concept is translated into a fully productionable, easy install performance specification that seamlessly combines our design concept with the talents of Zard's R&D expertise and craftsmanship."

Manufactured in "premium-grade raw materials such as AISI 304 stainless steel and titanium, we have been able to deliver what we believe is the lightest weight performance exhaust system available for M-8 models." 

The initial release of the system was in July 2023, with distribution by MAG Connect.