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Wednesday 28 February 2024

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

Sound-Adjustable 2-into-2 for Indian Challenger and Pursuit Models

Last month we featured a pre-production prototype 2-into-1 for Indian Chief models that Dutch electronically adjustable exhaust system manufacturer Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde was about to put into production.

Seen here, this 2-into-2 is for Indian Challenger and Pursuits, and the company claims that "with its exceptional sound and distinctive design, this exhaust system is set to revolutionize the riding experience for Indian riders."

Its 'secret sauce' is a handlebar switch that operates an exhaust valve that allows riders to cycle through three different sound modes and personalities on-the-fly. There is a modest, calm, 'Jekill' mode, the mid-range 'Dynamic' mode and the "wake up the dead" (well, not quite!) 'Mr. Hyde' mode. 

By a simple push of the button, a valve inside the muffler closes, opens halfway or opens fully to give the exhaust more power and performance. You can choose which to use, based on the circumstances through which you are riding - and the really neat part of the deal? 

The software is programmed to close the valve automatically when the parameters set by law and legislation are reached, so these systems can be street legal in Europe and are backed by a four-year warranty. 

J&H celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, and, for U.S. customers, now have a Jekill & Hyde distribution operation out of Henderson, North Carolina.