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Tuesday 6 February 2024

JE Pistons

Ultra Series Pistons for Ultra HP M-8 Engines

Cypress, California based JE Pistons has expanded the use of its Ultra Series piston technology to include Harley M-8 engines.

The 'secret sauce' at the heart of the Ultra Series is a proprietary aligned grain flow forging technology that "delivers maximum tensile strength sited for high-performance environments - designed to withstand the extreme demands of 400+ hp, boost-hungry V-twins."

A thermal barrier crown coating protects the piston by reducing heat transfer, especially in excessive heat environments, and internal and external bracing maintains optimized strength-to-weight ratio for durability.

"We use 3D under crown milling in non-critical areas to reduce overall weight and our lateral gas ports and accumulator groove maintain power-producing ring seal even at hight rpm and high boost."

JE Pistons' skirt coating is said to reduce operating friction and wear throughout the life of the piston and offset pins reduce piston rock and minimize engine operating noise. Skirt notches are machined into the design for optimal clearance at bottom dead center.