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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Arlen Ness 'Method' Risers for Road Glide

These 'Method' bagger kickback risers give 10" (25.4 cm) rise with a 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) kickback to provide the proper mix of comfort and control. The innovative design relocates factory gauges to the riser top clamp, which ensures a clear view of the navigation screen and gauges. The integrated hidden wire design keeps the handlebar section clean. Accepts handlebars with 1" clamping areas.

Black Stainless Steel M-8 Cam Cover Screw Kits

Stainless steel screws with matte black powder-coated heads for the finishing touch on black engines. "We recommend installing them using an anti-seize compound such as ZPN 770508. Hex socket cap screws are also known as Allen heads."

Detachable Sissy Bars For Touring

These sissy bars install and remove within seconds. Order required docking point kit and optional sissy bar pad separately.

Radical Radius for Indian Thunderstroke

Complete exhaust system with exclusive performance collector for maximum horsepower, plus torque and billet end caps. Features include one-piece full length heat shields to prevent chipping, rust and peeling between sections; large 2 1/2" 16-gauge heavy duty 220-degree blue proof; complete with mounting hardware and brackets and "unmatched sound and performance".

It fits forward and mid controls. Installation requires removal of the passenger peg, so consequently cannot be used with a pillion.

Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish

World-famous and internationally awarded cleaning and care product for all metallic surfaces. The fine grade polishing particles achieve an optimum cleaning result on all types of anodized aluminum. Contamination and rust can be easily removed in a single operation. 

Due to the balanced formulation of the active ingredients, surface protection is applied to the metals in addition to excellent cleaning to a brilliant high gloss.