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Tuesday 21 November 2023


All In the Family - the OptiMate DUO Range of Battery Chargers

Part of OptiMate's BRONZE series, the OptiMate DUO family of battery chargers are designed to make charging and maintaining of a battery easy - even eliminating the need for your customer to know what type of 12V battery is in their vehicle. 

Able to charge any motorcycle or powersport battery, including all lead-acid (Pb, flooded cell, sealed VRLA including AGM and GEL) and lithium-ion (LiFePO4/LFP) types, OptiMate DUO automatically adapts its charging method to the connected battery type. 

This is especially important during the longest period of connection - battery maintenance - where lead-acid batteries need to be kept 100% fully charged and lead-sulphate free, and where, to prolong the life of the battery, lithium batteries should be kept within a window of 70% to 90% state of charge. 

All OptiMate DUO battery chargers include a set of battery clips for direct connection to the battery and a premium fused battery lead with ringlets that fit directly to the battery posts. This creates a permanent and easy method of connection to the battery when it needs charging or maintaining.  

The OptiMate 1 DUO is the most popular and is a balance between function and price, delivering up to 0.6A of charge current. This is enough to recharge any powersport battery, yet still smart enough to offer an adaptable recovery mode - low current for lithium or low voltage pulse for a sulphated lead-acid, after which it recharges and then maintains the battery. 

'multi-talented member of the family'

The OptiMate 2 DUO is the multi-talented member of the family. It delivers up to 2 amp of charge current for a faster charge, and tests if a deep discharge battery is recoverable. If not, it 'red lights' the bad battery, preventing unnecessary charge of a damaged battery. Finally, it also comes in a two-station/2-bank and a four-station/4-bank option for charging and maintaining of multiple batteries. 

The OptiMate Solar DUO offers the possibility of off-grid charge and maintenance, using innovative pulse technology for more efficient solar charging, and then overnight it indicates battery charge level. There are three sizes of OptiMate Solar DUO - the 10W is ideal for 24-7 maintenance; the 20W works best for faster charge of smaller batteries; and the 40W is best for faster charging of larger batteries. A Travel Kit option in each size is also available, and includes the panel, charge controller, connection accessories and other hardware such as suction mounts or rear fold-out stand. It's all contained in a nylon storage bag.  

The other unique off-grid option is the OptiMate DC-DUO, which delivers up to 2 amps of charge to a 12V battery, while drawing power from another 12V source, such as the 12V battery on a different motorcycle or in another vehicle. The OptiMate DC-DUO is an essential tool for the Adventure rider or racer that might find himself stuck with a flat battery where AC power is not available. It's also great for the customer who wants to maintain a battery in a motorcycle, or even their car, when it is parked in a storage or other "off-grid" area.

'BMS reset pulse to re-activate a smart lithium battery'

For a flat lithium battery, the DC-DUO offers a safe jump charge option that can bring it back to life without any damage. The OptiMate DC-DUO can deliver a BMS reset pulse to reactivate a smart lithium battery with built-in protection. It can also save and charge a sulphated lead-acid battery. The charger's smart long-term maintenance and monitor mode reduces power draw from the source battery, only delivering charge to the recipient battery when needed. 

Martin Human, CEO of TecMate, says: "Never mind the powersport battery type, chemistry or size, one of the chargers in the OptiMate DUO family will make riders' battery problems a thing of the past."