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Tuesday 28 November 2023


Shaky Shift Pedal?

When Harley-Davidson launched the Milwaukee-Eight powertrain, the inner primary shifter shaft bushing was redesigned to a thin wall bushing. Although this is a design improvement, over time, this bushing will wear, causing free play in the shifter shaft. 

Ultimately, the shaft, lever and pedal vibrate when in use causing a rattle noise and loose shifter. The shifter shaft bushing cannot be pressed through to remove it - requiring this JIMS specialty tool. 

This new JIMS tool is designed to remove the old bushing with a unique knurled driver and receiver cup without removing the inner or outer primary. A new installation driver is included in the kit to correctly install a new shifter shaft bushing to the proper depth. 

Once complete, the shift lever will function like new again. Removing this bushing without a proper tool is challenging due to the bushing's thin wall design, which could result in costly damage to the inner primary. Removing the bushing with this new tool makes the replacement process easy and quick. "This tool is a must for any mechanic servicing aging Harley-Davidson touring models."