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Tuesday 28 November 2023

S&S Cycle

S&S - Stud Kits, Piston Cooling Jets and CVO Cam Phaser Tool

New S&S tools and accessories from the Viola, Wisconsin headquartered home of "Proven Performance" include this piston cooling jet kit for M-8 engines.

"This is an exceptional piston cooling jet," says S&S' Jon Montgomery. "As they evenly cool both intake and exhaust sides of the pistons, the jets create a cooler engine with more power and better durability.

Piston cooling jet kit for M-8 engines

"The revised spray locations mean more effective cooling and the shortened nozzle increases the rod clearance.

"The patent-pending, dual-spraying kit is a 'must-have' and is sold with everything needed for install, including hardware and gaskets. It is crafted from strong, lightweight 6061-T6 heat-coated billet aluminum and anodized in S&S blue."

Also seen here, because big bores, big compressions and big throttles take their toll on hard parts - including the all-important 4140 chrome moly head studs and head bolts.

Cylinder stud kits

The studs are oil quenched and tempered to 39-44 HRC, 180,000 psi tensile strength with rounded - rather than flat - thread roots to improve fatigue resistance. The positive-stop shoulder allows for consistent installed height.

The head bolts are made in 8640 heat-treated steel and said to deliver a 14% increase in strength over stock 200,000 psi ultimate tensile strength.

Finished with a durable oxide coating, they have formed threads, a cold formed head, 9/16" 12-point head with integral washer and are compatible with both MLS and graphite head gaskets. They ship in 8-pack kits of either studs and bolts, or studs, for 2017-2013 M-8 models. 

Cam phaser tool for 2023 VVT engine CVO models

Finally, this new cam phaser tool for 2023 VVT engine CVO models has many improvements, but there is at least one major drawback - changing anything in the cam chest with Variable Valve Timing requires a special tool. 

This new S&S cam phaser tool holds the cam phaser assembly in place to allow you to pull the spool valve bolt and get access to the cam plate, oil pump, and, of course, the cam. If you’re planning to do any work inside the cam chest on one of these new H-D CVO models, you’re going to want to get one of these new tools!