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Tuesday 4 July 2023

TAB Performance

'Folsom Prison' Handlebars for Indian Motorcycles

Lincoln, Nebraska based TAB Performance (Casey and Justin Pflanz) has announced the launch of the new 'Folsom Prison' series handlebars for Indian Motorcycle models. 

"These handlebars provide unbeatable stability and comfort, giving you a premium ride experience every time. With their firm and responsive design, you'll be able to ride every day and perform every second," says Justin. "They are all about stability and quality."

The interior of the 'Folsom Prison' handlebars has a smooth finish that eliminates any ridges where wires can get snagged. "The 1.5" fatties provide plenty of space for all those cables, ensuring a neat and tidy look. Plus, these handlebars are available in +4, +6 and +8 inches over stock so you can find the perfect fit for your arms."

For added visual appeal, these handlebars feature a gradual taper to the hydraulic reservoir as well as a modern 'widow's peak' design. They are powder coated from tip to tip to protect against rust and corrosion. They are available in black for 2018 - up Chieftain, Challenger and Roadmaster models.

"Our goal was to create something unique that provided riders with maximum comfort and control, while still looking great," said Casey. "We're proud to have achieved that with our new 'Folsom Prison' handlebars."

Features include reduced arm reach for less shoulder strain and greater control over cornering and low manoeuvres.