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Tuesday 18 July 2023

SBS Friction

Drag Specialties Expands SBS Rotors Selection

Danish brakes specialist SBS Friction has added brake rotors as a complementary product to the SBS brake pads carried by Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited.

"The program expansion is the result of an extensive trial period among customers," said SBS Marketing and Product Manager, Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen.

Standard disc

"The feedback we have received on the performance characteristics of our rotors has been excellent, so the expansion will encompass product references in the standard, upgrade, and oversize classes.

"The SBS Standard Brake Rotor-series generally corresponds to the original OEM fitted brake rotors. The range includes round or similar standard shapes, either with fixed or floating construction.

Upgrade disc

"The SBS Upgrade range does what it says on the box - it gives the opportunity to upgrade existing, stock brake rotors with something more spectacular. You can choose between a floating or SBS signature contour design.

"Finally, SBS' Oversize Upgrade rotors have been especially developed for off-road front brake use and delivers improved stopping power and better brake feeling."

All SBS brake pads feature NUCAP NRS technology, which secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding of the compound with the backing plate.