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Tuesday 11 July 2023


Harley-Davidson Launches 'H-D Membership' Community Platform and New Membership Program 

Initially being rolled out in the United States (with international markets to follow), Harley is leveraging the 40-year history and success of its Harley Owners Group (HOG) with a new, updated membership program "that will bring together riders and moto-culture fans" under the 'United We Ride' banner "to connect, engage and ride with one another."

H-D Membership is free for all participants, "offering multiple ways for members to tailor their experiences, engage with the H-D community and earn rewards. Members who look to further enhance their H-D experience and benefit package may elect to add the Access Pass, for riders and non-riders, with exclusive access to key brand events and content as well as benefits such as enhanced rewards and partner benefits. 

"Another option is the Rider Pass which includes tools, content, and benefits such as roadside assistance, motorcycle service benefits and partner benefits to enhance the riding experience." 

The new program does not (at this stage) replace HOG - "the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle club in the world with over 500,000 members" - as members who actually ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle "may also elect to join HOG, with an enhanced riding benefits package, including extended roadside assistance, inspection benefits and special H-D rewards for engagement.

"H-D Membership will allow riders and fans to enjoy a personalized experience of in-app social features, riding benefits and access to the Harley-Davidson brand like never before. H-D Membership is a new and positive hub for moto-culture - serving as inspiration to riders and non-riders alike."  

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson is quoted as saying: "Our community is at the heart of everything we do - building on the success of the Harley Owners Group, H-D Membership will enhance the way in which we engage with our members, leveraging modern tools to connect riders, deliver new benefits and create new experiences.

"We're excited about giving our community of riders and non-riders a new way to connect on and off the road, while ensuring we deliver unique and tailored content to really make their experience with the brand as personalized as possible."

Harley says that H-D Membership will offer riders and non-riders "new benefits to further unlock the benefits of the unique moto-culture community," including a new app experience. The revamped H-D app, now exclusive for members, "has been designed to connect and engage with the wider community. 

"Members can now explore new digital and social tools that enable sharing of experiences, and for members to learn and be inspired by each other. With the help of member profiles, member groups, ride planning and sharing and numerous other tools, members can engage both on and off the road, making these new offerings exciting additions to maximize the H-D experience."

There will also be "unique and personalized content. H-D Membership creates special access to the H-D brand. Tailored to a member's individual lifestyle and riding interests, members will have access to information on new products, special membership events, curated H-D content (including educational riding, moto-culture inspiring, H-D community), and much more.

"Expanded services will provide high-value benefits both on and off the bike such as roadside assistance, motorcycle service, unique member products and more. Additionally, members gain access to exclusive benefits and special offers through collaborations with Hilton, SiriusXM, AT&T, EagleRider Rentals, the Fuel Rewards program at Shell and Tentrr (two-wheel friendly camping).

"The new membership program will see members earn points for purchases of H-D products at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships and online at Members will also earn rewards for engaging with the community by sharing great content, riding together, attending events and completing challenges. 

"Members who also hold the Harley-Davidson Visa card can earn even more points and enjoy extra redemption options and benefits.

"H-D Membership seeks to engage the broader riding community and H-D brand fans, extending support to members who are new to the sport and further promoting an inclusive, positive moto-culture community. 

"On or off the bike, H-D Membership connects, empowers and rewards our community, enhancing the H-D experience. Members can download the H-D app to stay up to date on special events, including the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival, July 13-16, 2023."