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Tuesday 25 July 2023

Rob's Dyno Service

New 'Bagg'r Rack' - Saddle Bag Storage System

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. Everyone struggles with trying to keep hard bags safe and pristine when they are off bike, whether in the dealership, custom workshop or riders de-mounting their bags at home. Everyone comes up with the easiest way they can to keep hard bags safe, but everyone has also been caught out at least once at some stage.

Enter Rob's Dyno Service of Gardner, Massachusetts (performance fanatic Rob Swartz), with the simplest of solutions - but one that to our knowledge hasn't readily available as an order item before.

The new 'Bagg'r Rack', created by Rob's Dyno Service, is designed to keep bike bags free of scratches and securely mounted. It can be used as a free-standing rack on the shop floor or mounted to a wall for increased protection. 

The Bagg'r Rack also makes transporting multiple bikes easier - it can be mounted on the wall of a trailer to hold the bags while traveling, and allow for more space when transporting multiple bikes. Plus, it can be used in-store to display custom bag designs, paint and accessories. 

It works with side covers from all touring bikes made between 1995 to present. "Take advantage of this great new product to keep your or your customer's bags safe and scratch-free," says Rob. "With its user-friendly design and unbeatable protection, 'Bagg'r Rack' is sure to become an essential part of your workshop and biking experience."