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Tuesday 18 July 2023


OptiMate USB-C and USB-A Combo

Some years ago, the OptiMate USB O-105 popularised a new direction in USB charger design with its ergonomic low profile 'elbow' styling that has a USB-A charging port at 90° to the DIN/ISO 4165 12V connector used on BMW and Triumph motorcycles. 

The OptiMate USB O-115 is a popular alternative to the O-105, with its '180°' styling making it more suitable for use on Ducati Multistrada or Triumph Tiger 800/850/900 motorcycles. There is also a Ducati O-115D branded version. 

Both these USB chargers feature 2 x USB-A charge ports that share up to 3300mA of power and they include the unique OptiMate USB interactive standby mode that prevents the vehicle's battery from being drained. 

Martin Human, CEO/CTO of TecMate, says that these features have made both OptiMate USB O-105 and O-115 some of the most popular aftermarket USB chargers for BMW, Triumph and Ducati motorcycles. 

"However," says Martin, "enter USB-C as the universal USB standard for Europe, and with many smartphones going towards USB-C, including Apple, TecMate has responded by releasing the OptiMate USB O-114 and the OptiMate USB O-119, identical in design to the O-105 and O-115, except for one charge port that is USB-C." 

The USB-C socket delivers up to 3300mA of charge to a single connected USB-C device, unless the USB-A port is also in use, then power is shared with the second connected device. 

"All OptiMate USB chargers have a unique feature that protects the vehicle's battery that it is drawing power from - when the vehicle's engine is turned off, the OptiMate USB charger senses that and will turn off within one hour. 

"So, if a rider has stopped somewhere, but needs to charge their phone, or camera or Bluetooth- ready helmet, the OptiMate USB charger remains on for an hour before it goes to standby mode. That prevents even the smallest lithium battery from totally discharging, always leaving sufficient power to start up the vehicle to ride on." 

Martin explains: "We're ready to meet the demand for USB-C chargers, yet we recognise that there is a huge population of devices (phones, GPS, etc.) and charge cables out there that still connect to the conventional USB-A socket. A combination USB-A and USB-C allows you to charge the latest smartphone along with your GPS or other devices."