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Tuesday 18 April 2023

S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle - 55 mm M-8 Performance Manifold

S&S Cycle describes this direct replacement for the stock plastic manifold on '17-'21 M-8 models as a "must have for big bore engines."

"Big bore engines are all about the flow - more air in and more air out - and anything that slows that cycle down robs horsepower. The factory M-8 intake manifold does a decent job in stock form but starts getting in the way when used on 124" and larger cylinders. The stock polymer unit is also less tolerant of the additional heat that a big bore engine can make."

S&S says that the solution is this new CNC-machined, T6 heat-treated, cast aluminum 55 mm performance manifold. "It is easy to install and easily delivers between 3 and 5 extra horsepower and ships with a new rubber seal."