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Tuesday 4 April 2023

Custom Chrome Europe

Legal Exhausts in Europe from CCE

It is hard to believe, but it was 27 years ago, 1996, that regulators from the European Union attended an aftermarket meeting (at what was to be the last ever IFMA Expo at Cologne) to address concerns that the then new noise regulations in the first ever European Motorcycle Multi-Directive would likely kill off the European aftermarket exhaust industry.

Fast forward, and far from being an extinction level event, the ongoing program of ever tightening noise and (subsequently) emissions regulations have triggered unprecedented growth in the sector.


Growth that has resulted in at least a doubling of the number of aftermarket exhaust brands being made and sold in Europe. With that growth has come an unprecedented improvement in the quality, performance, reliability, durability and, yes, environmentally responsible nature of the exhaust products consumers can choose from.

For 2023, Custom Chrome Europe has stepped up to present a specialist and specific catalog to guide dealers and their customers through the vast range of street legal options it has available at its HQ warehouse in Germany.


"In times of increased controls affecting the huge number of exhaust systems on the market for Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory model applications, it is becoming increasingly important to install legal systems.

"Simultaneously, the choice facing consumers - the myriad of styles and the claims made about performance and applications - can be confusing. So, our new Street 'Legal' Exhausts catalog for riders in Europe will be a vital guide to the wide range of options available to them.


"In this catalog, Custom Chrome Europe has summarized all the legal exhaust systems that can currently be purchased through the CCE dealer network in Europe. 

"The range includes brand new systems from RevTech, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, V-Performance in Italy, BSL in Austria, Falcon and Fred Kodlin from Germany, and PM Performance.