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Wednesday 20 July 2022


Portable Battery Tester-Monitors

TecMate has adapted its portable OptiMate battery monitors to display the charge level for any battery - including lithium (LFP), sealed lead-acid (AGM) and standard 'wet cell' lead-acid (STD).

Portable range




At a glance the rider or dealer will learn if the vehicle's battery has sufficient charge to start the engine or if it needs to be charged first.
Connecting the tester-monitor is easy - the O-125 plugs directly into a fitted SAE battery lead and the O-126 has a dual size plug that adapts to a DIN (Ø12 mm) socket found on BMW Triumph and Ducati Multistrada, or the larger AUTO (Ø21 mm) socket found on most of the other motorcycle brands.  
Once connected, the resting voltage of that battery is measured to ensure that it is directly proportional to the State of Charge (SOC). If the LED adjacent to the battery type (STD, AGM & LFP) blinks, the battery's State of Charge is 50% or higher; 50% is sufficient to start and fire up an engine.
Once fired up, it now displays if the vehicle's system is delivering the right charge voltage to the battery, indicated by the green LFP LED turning full on. It also warns if that voltage is too high and might destroy the battery (especially if it is a LFP/lithium battery); all LEDs rapidly blink together if the voltage exceeds 14.6V.
Of course, if the red (warning triangle) LED is blinking, it's time to charge that battery! Both O-125 and O-126 have an SAE charge port; charging can continue through the monitor, and it will then display the rising charge voltage. 

Fixed range



For a more permanent solution there are smart battery leads with built-in monitors that can be fitted to the battery and used as a battery charger input when necessary. The O-124 is ideal for all 12V lead-acid batteries, including AGM, GEL and STD wet cell, and the O-127 is ideal for 12.8V LFP (LiFePO4) batteries.
These permanent smart battery leads make fitment to any powersport battery easy. OptiMate's unique dual size rings adjust from the default M6 (1/4") to the larger M8 (5/16"). Both the O-124 and O-127 come in a jar of 20, ideal for dealers that want to fit these smart leads to all vehicles at PDI.
OptiMate monitors are an easy and cost-effective way to instantly learn the state of a vehicle's battery.  A fitted battery monitor helps avoid battery damage - at-a-glance the rider will know if the battery is OK or when it's time to charge.