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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Freedom Performance

Another Aftermarket Exhaust Industry First for Indian Chief Models

Earlier this year Corona, California based Freedom Performance introduced what company CEO Martin Arteaga said at the time was "the first 2-into-1 aftermarket exhaust system for the Indian Chief."

In what he says is another industry first, Freedom has launched "the first Radical Radius aftermarket exhaust system for the Indian Chief." Featuring an exclusive performance collector that "gives maximum horsepower and torque, resulting in a hot California sound and performance, the Radical Radius system eliminates the catalytic converter, resulting in heat reduction of 30-40% and includes a 220-degree wrap-around full coverage heat shield than can be used or removed." 


The header and the heat shield are made of steel for "a massive performance-boosting 50% reduction in weight" compared to Indian's stock system for the Chief. The 2.5" OD "is made to fit our precision machined, interchangeable aluminum end caps - including our straight or slash tips - all of which come in a variety of finishes, including sculpted black, chrome, pitch black, sculpted gold and solid gold."
Described by Martin as "sleek and smooth", quiet mufflers are also available as an option if desired. Additional features include 12 mm and 18 mm ports and plugs, as well as complete mounting hardware and brackets. Pipes come in chrome or ceramic black. The system fits with rear pegs, so relocator brackets are not needed, and the installation process is said to be simple.