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Tuesday 26 July 2022

'Valge Daami' Bike Show

Estonia - 10th Anniversary 'Valge Daami' Bike Show, August 13, 2022

The AMD World Championship program may still be temporarily suspended, but it is great to see the custom bike show season continue to come back to life, and August 13, 2022 will see AMD able to welcome Estonia as a World Championship Affiliate Event nation for the first time.
Staged at the historic Spa town of Haapsalu (noted for its ruined Medieval Castle), this is a 10th year for Müristaja MC's 'Valge Daami' Bike Show - which translates as 'White Lady' - a rural folklore tradition in many European countries (including Czechia, Germany, Ireland, UK) and as far afield as Japan and The Philippines.



The tradition revolves around the legend of an apparition, or female ghost of a Woman in White, with long straight hair, who is said to appear at times of danger and tragedy - she's likely pretty busy in Eastern Europe this year!
The 'Valge Daami' Bike Show, now coming back for a 10th anniversary, is the brainchild of Müristaja MC, an Estonian motorcycle club on the Baltic Coast, south of the capital Tallin, and is staged concurrent with Estonia's White Lady Festival.
The show will have a Best in Show award and supporting classes including Custom, Classic-Custom, Streetfighter, Café Racer, Scrambler/Tracker and a Public Choice.
Müristaja MC is working closely with Twins Forever MC in Lithuania (Thunderbike Customshow) and XIII Latvia MC (Cesis Custom Bike Show), who have also staged a World Championship Affiliate Event in the past.
The three clubs are hoping to combine their resources in future years and stage an AMD World Championship Affiliate Custom Bike Show in rotation around the three Baltic countries - in 2023 the AMD Affiliate event for the three countries will be the Thunderbike Customshow in Lithuania.
This is an excellent plan that will create critical mass and international profile for the excellence of the design and engineering talents that exist in the three markets' Baltic custom bike scene - AMD is proud to be able to associate itself with the plan and to welcome Estonia to the 'AMD' family!

'Valge Daami' Bike Show