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Wednesday 20 July 2022

Drag Specialties

Hydro Clutch for V-Rods

Available through Drag Specialties for V-Rod models, the Müller Hydro Clutch is a clutch relief system adapted for hydraulic couplings of the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam and M-8 models.

It is said to deliver a 35% reduction in lever effort on Twin Cam models and 45% relief on M-8s. Made in Germany, the invisible/hidden install is described as simple and intuitive, and the design is maintenance-free.

It is already 20 years since former German Harley dealer Werner Müller unveiled his first patented clutch assist device - the Power Clutch - and in that time the company he founded has sold over 100,000 of them, worldwide.
Based near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany, these days the business is operated by Werner's son Fabian Müller, a well-known custom bike builder as well as parts and accessory designer. The original 'Bowden' cable Power Clutch for mechanical clutch operation is still available, and the latest iteration is this Hydro Clutch for models with hydraulic clutches.
By improving the precision with which riders can control clutch operation, the Hydro Clutch can improve the durability and service life of the clutch and the gears in the transmission.
The improved sensitivity and feel therefore contribute to better handling and safety - especially in heavy traffic and urban/suburban riding conditions.