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Monday 27 September 2021

News Briefs


As the corporate world grapples with sustaining work practices in a post pandemic landscape, American Honda has announced that it will "provide some of its U.S. associates more workplace flexibility by providing long-term opportunities to work remotely. Under this new approach, eligible associates will be able to work from home or in satellite locations for all or part of their workweek." The company says the decision marks a "significant pivot toward the future as Honda adapts its policies to match evolving workstyles. Remote work is a critical recruiting and retention tool."

The UK bike industry's annual consumer showcase, Motorcycle Live, is set to return after a two-year gap. The nine-day event has been scheduled at the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England, on 4-12 December 2021. Tuesday 7 December will be a dedicated motorcycle trade day. The organizers say they are hoping for a 100,000 total attendance.

In addition to the investments into synthetic gasoline production technology announced by both Bosch and Audi three years ago, Porsche has now entered into a research agreement with Siemens, and BMW is investing in Californian start-up Prometheus Fuels - a company that plans to remove carbon-dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into pump gas;

Gettysburg Bike Week celebrated two decades of being one of the premiere motorcycle rallies in the United States this year with a record attendance. After being canceled last year because of COVID-19, the 20th anniversary event happened at the Allstar Events Complex in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from July 8, 2021 through July 11.

The MIC in California has a new membership manager - Lisa Delaney will lead member service operations while pursuing other powersports companies to join and participate in the industry association. Meanwhile the MIC has a new leader of the MIC IT Department - Eli Ralston.

SEMA has announced that automotive specialty-equipment retail sales reached a new high, growing to $47.89bn in 2020 ($46.2bn in 2019), with early evidence suggesting stronger sales in 2021. While the industry was certainly affected by the pandemic, some businesses were spared from full lockdowns as auto parts were considered an essential business in some areas. Even amid the disruption of the pandemic, many of the industry's companies reported record sales in 2020 as enthusiasts spent money on their cars instead of other pursuits, with 48% of enthusiasts doing more online shopping for parts in 2020 than in 2019, and 40% reporting spending more time working on their vehicle.

Yamaha's recent 'Environmental Plan 2050' is the first acknowledgment by a major PTW manufacturer that 'synth gas' can and will have a role to play in the market's future. Given that ICE units have at least an average life expectancy of 15 years, and will remain available for sale right up to whatever deadline each individual country chooses, there will be a need for zero tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions gasoline for at least 30 more years if 2035 is taken as a median international adoption benchmark - longer if the powerful German auto industry lobby group (VDI) is able to maintain its grip on policy making.

Swiss watchmaker Breitling and British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph have announced a long-term partnership - gearing up for a limited-edition watch and a customized motorcycle to be revealed in early 2022.

PSB reports that, in the United States, Kawasaki has announced increased capital spending, employment growth at its Lincoln, Nebraska factory. Kawasaki has been manufacturing in Nebraska since 1974. Currently the facility covers approximately 2.4 million sq ft and employs over 2,400, and an estimated $200 m in capital and tooling will be spent there in the next 18 months - much of it aimed at rail car projects.

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