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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)

Flexible Heat Shields

Avon Lake, Ohio based sound and heat management specialist Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) says that its flexible heat shields provide custom protection for exhaust pipes and other high-temperature areas in automotive, powersports, marine and related applications.
"When it comes to total thermal protection, it pays to be a little bit flexible," says John Gabriel, powersports manager, DEI. "Developed to outperform glass fiber and metal shields, our multi-layered flexible heat shields offer a customizable defense against burns from exhaust pipes and other high-temperature areas.

"These new pipe shields provide maximum protection by dissipating and shielding heat that can damage cables, brake lines, hoses and electrical wiring, gas tanks, body panels and more, making them the best on the market." 

Flexible heat shields are designed with special riveted standoffs that create a cooling air barrier around hot components. DEI's multi-layer, high-tech materials provide protection up to 1,350°F, and the products can be used in any application where maximum heat shielding is required.
Integrated 3.5" clamps make installation easy around motorcycle pipes and in other high-heat areas. "And the shields not only work well, but look great, too," says John, "with 3.5" x 6.5" and 4" x 8" applications available in Brushed/Onyx, Brushed/Titanium and Double Black/Onyx finishes."