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Monday 20 September 2021

Bagger Nation

'Swoop' Rear End Kits - With Integrated Billet Skid Plate

These Swoop rear end kits by Bagger Nation (for 2014 and up) are made from lifetime manufacturing defect warranty composites and feature an integrated skid plate.
Available with or without five sets of Bagger Nation lighting plotted and drilled bolts in black or silver, each Swoop rear end kit is drilled at the factory and requires NO major modifications before installation for a fully reversible bolt-on install.
"Our hidden LED Stealth 2 license frame is included with each fender, as well as an incorporated steel internal plate at the passenger seat mount point if one is needed," says Paul Yaffe.

"What sets Bagger Nation apart is that we only manufacture high-quality, durable composites by Arizona craftsmen right here in the USA. Bagger Nation makes the world's finest body parts for your Harley.  
"The finest rear end kits for your H-D touring bike are now even BETTER! Save time and money by using the kit because it all fits together the way it should - precise, robust and stylish! Your painter will love us, and so will your customer."


Each kit includes the rear fender, pair of saddlebags with new, extended rear Swoop, a pair of side covers for that all important clean look, the license plate frame, a Bagger Nation pair of lights (unless ordered smooth) and the new, integrated skid plates that are built into the structure of the bag.
"Simply choose your kit, mock it up and paint it. We have done everything else for you." These kits have been a popular, durable option for building a quality custom bagger for a few years now. However, Paul wanted to take it a little further by giving them a bit more SWOOP - without that weird taper at the bottom. "You know," says Paul, "that pinched look at the bottom of many of the stretched bags out there. Then we designed them with built-in skid plates - a Yaffe original concept - which is yet another of our ideas that will likely be widely copied, but nobody can copy our quality and originality.
"This innovative idea incorporates a thick billet skid plate that is the outside corner of the bag. Paint it, chrome it, heck, dip it in gold if you want - the day of the skid plate as accessory has now come. Let us know what you do with this option."