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Tuesday 11 August 2020


Leineweber - 70 Years of Camshaft Experience for 100 years of Harley Engines

Jim Leineweber has nearly 70 years of experience creating high performance camshafts. Now he and his son, Justin, are working together, continuing to make the best possible stock replacement and performance upgrade Harley camshafts that have been the hallmark of their reputation for nearly 50 years.

With the impressive performance history of Leineweber cams, you'd expect Jim and Justin to be found surrounded by sophisticated forming and grinding equipment in some hot-shot laboratory style setting. Instead, they work in their own machine shop and do their spectacular grinds on some rather unspectacular looking equipment. Thanks to their craftsmanship, Leineweber cams are renowned throughout the industry.

Motorcycles are their passion and performance is written into their DNA - Justin and Jim just want your customer's bike to perform exactly how they want it to. 

All Leineweber camshafts are manufactured from heat-treated aircraft quality materials. The gear is pressed on in the conventional manner and Leineweber says that its line-up of camshaft grinds "includes designs that produce more power than any other cams on the market."

Leineweber camshafts are the constant velocity type which lifts the valve very quickly to its maximum lift. Therefore, the valve is at or near maximum lift for most of the duration, creating a wider torque range. Cams with longer periods of maximum lift will have superior flow characteristics, and all Leineweber camshafts have superior duration, "offering a wider torque range than other manufacturers."

"Whether you are looking for a bolt-in to give just a bit more than stock, something you can still kick start, are preparing to race or even hoping to have a vintage (pre 1940) special make and model cam reground - we have them all.
"Our grinds are considered the 'hot' set-up among drag racers and street riders worldwide. This is one mighty stamp of approval, given that the demands of the drag strip require a cam that performs well at all engine speeds."

Valve timing is checked at .053" and the Leineweber range stretches from Twin Cams with a 1.62-1 rocker ratio right back through Evo, Sportsters, Shovelheads, Panheads to 1-1 ratio Knucklehead cams. They also offer a custom cam grinding service, restoration cams, cams for Flatheads, and cams for supercharged and turbocharged race engines.
Dealers worldwide can order direct from Leineweber in California; in Europe a selection of Knucklehead, Panhead and early Shovelhead options are available from W&W Cycles in Germany.