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Monday 17 August 2020


Unleash The Beast-II

Boise, Idaho based HardDrive (WPS) continues to add to its V-twin product line with several new brands and many new products from existing brands now available and ready to ship to its U.S. dealers - from ODI Lock-On V-twin grips and Flo Motorsports adjustable levers and MX style footpegs to KB Super Duty Series pistons, replacement service items from Cycle Pro, audio products from the likes of BOSS and METRA, National Cycle screens and, as seen here, high-power LED lighting options from Californian manufacturer Cyron.
These updated dual optic 7" Beast-II LED headlights by Cyron are a projector and reflector in one device - in combination they give a tight, 105W long throw low beam for long distance illumination with a super wide high beam to "see it all."

"Well suited for bikes with passing lamps, the low beam augments the side-to-side coverage of passing lamps and the high beam (which cancels the passing lamps on mot bikes) gives a void filling flood of safety," says Sales Manager Joe Distefano.
"In the absence of passing lamps, this powerful dual optic combo makes sure riders can see everything they need to stay safe on the road."
There are three choices of colors - chrome for the "near stock" classic look, black with DRL and pitch black without DRL for the all blackout look. With 100% beam accuracy and 4800 lumens of light output, the DOT compliant package includes H4 to H13 and H4 to Harley 4-pin adapters. Harley models with dual headlight bulbs can use the 4-pin to H4 adapter, except Road King 2016 and up with dual bulbs, which will need Cyron ABIGC3A.
Batwing fairings and nacelle buckets that currently do not have stock LED daymakers require ABIG7-RNG trim ring bracket for the proper alignment of the headlight beam. Also work with most Indian Motorcycle Big Twins.
WPS/HardDrive completed a new 245,000 sq ft warehouse at Midway, Georgia in January this year as an upgrade to its former Memphis, Tennessee facility. The company also completed expansions at its California facility and Idaho headquarters warehouse in 2019 - taking its six strong distribution center network in the United States (which also includes Texas and Pennsylvania) to over 1 million sq ft in total.