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Tuesday 4 August 2020

American Prime Manufacturing

Comp Master Complete Replacement Upgrade Clutch Kits for Pre-Evo Big Twins 1936 - 1984

Santa Fe Springs, California based performance replacement clutch specialist American Prime Manufacturing brings President Ben Kudon's 40 years of industry experience as a dealer, distributor and manufacturer to a wide range of transmission parts and related components.

Comp Master clutch kit assembly for all pre-Evo Big Twins with early dry style clutches (1936 - 1984).

"I started American Prime to fill a void that exists in the motorcycle aftermarket industry. Down the years I have had experience of not being able to source particular products, either because they are scarce and hard to find or simply not offered anymore.
"American Prime will 'fill in the gaps' and offer a range of performance upgrade replacements backed by superb customer service."
One such example of a hard-to-find replacement is the new Comp Master clutch kit assembly seen here for all pre-Evo Big Twins with early dry style clutches (1936 - 1984).

"The Motor Company went through a number of changes over the years with the way they transferred the power from the motor/transmission to the rear wheel," says Ben. "Around about 1936, the one most commonly known and the longest lasting stock configuration was introduced - one that looks like the one seen here (without the starter ring gear).

"This clutch was state-of-the-art performance gold in its day - robust, reliable and, for the times, remarkably powerful. While there are still the faithful out there who still swear by the original - but it is hard to source and materials, manufacturing technology and power handling requirements have moved on dramatically, especially since the design went out of service with the end of the Shovelhead line in 1984.
"The old style stud and coil spring clutch had three major disadvantages that a diaphragm spring clutch doesn't have. The more you compress the coil springs to engage better, the harder it is to pull in the clutch lever. The friction plates ride up and down on the studs by approx. 1/8" and wear grooves in the studs, allowing the friction plates to hang up on the grooves.
"The needle bearings are trapped in a stamped steel retainer that is so sloppy, it lets the clutch hub wiggle and wobble. The friction liner on the rear of the hub then tends to contact the rear of the clutch basket and that's when the clutch pulls you through a stop sign with the clutch lever pulled all the way in!
"Our Comp Master clutch for Knuckles, Pans and Shovels has diaphragm spring technology at its heart - it just works better because it's easier on the wrist, it holds way more power and is infinitely easier to adjust.
"Plus, we replace the needle bearings with a double row automotive type sealed bearing housed inside a billet aluminum bearing retainer - totally stable with no more wiggle or wobble!"