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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Performance Machine

Raceline Full Floating Brake Rotors

Performance Machine 'Dominator' and 'Speedstar' Raceline full floating brake rotors are CNC precision-machined to ensure a flat and parallel surface.
Hardening the 420 stainless steel 0.200" outer band to meet RC36 specifications coupled with a full floating design yields a rotor with a higher resistance to deformation - the full floating design dissipates heat and resists warping.


The wave cut braking surface is drilled in a sweep pattern for optimal heat dissipation with a reduction in weight.
The inner carrier utilizes the increased strength of 7075-T6 aluminum for a lighter weight design while improving braking performance. 


PM Raceline full floating brake rotors are designed for use with most OEM and aftermarket wheels and calipers. Available in 11.5", 11.8"/300 mm and 13" diameter discs for front applications and 11.5" and 11.8"/300 mm diameter discs for rear applications with either black or gold anodized inner carriers.