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Tuesday 14 April 2020


Tone Deaf H-D Announces New Performance Bagger and "Custom Inspired" P&A Programs at Height of Corona Emergency

"It’s the details that make you unique," says Harley of its new Performance Bagger and 'Endgame' P&A program - introduced on March 19, the day after it announced it was closing production down and had an activist investor openly questioning the direction of the company.

No. What makes H-D unique is just how inured it is to the reality of what's going on around them! Now and for the past 15 years. From "Soho down to Brighton", this is one "deaf, dumb and blind boy" whose intuition, smarts and savvy waved goodbye to reality with the wait lists of yore.
For what it's worth, "from fender to fender, these are the elements that will make your bike an expression of your individual style. When making a personal statement, let your bike do the talking." Harley discovers definition of the word "custom," shock! There are three new P&A programs on offer.
"The 'Endgame' collection is defined by its slotted design and high-tech, industrial look. The intense black rubber inserts on the controls are set against a matte graphite or black finish that complements black or bright bikes."

The collection includes hand grips, rider and passenger footpegs, brake pedal pads, rear brake lever, shifter peg, shifter lever, footboards and a shed load of black (or graphite).
Whereas the 'Endgame' collection is designed to deliver an industrial derived styling, the 'Streamliner' collection is "inspired by the curved forms and long, horizontal lines of streamline modern architecture. The black Streamliner collection takes a contemporary spin on this classic Harley-Davidson style. Featuring polished chrome bands surrounded by a sea of rich black, the black Streamliner collection adds a dark and aerodynamic look to your bike." Available in black.
This collection also includes lots of black plus hand grips (heated or otherwise), rider footpegs, brake pedal pad, rider footboards, passenger footboards and mount kit and a left and right passenger footboard insert kit.
Finally, in order to "command attention without saying a word" and "push aggressive style to the limit," Harley's 'Board-to-Peg' conversion kit features "leading-edge controls, custom wheels and board-to-peg conversion kits" for Touring and FL Softail platforms that "deliver the unmistakable attitude and performance you need to stand out from the crowd."
"These support kits are designed to allow installation of mini footboards and footpegs - the kit includes left and right mounting brackets and all necessary installation hardware." Mini footboards and footpegs are sold separately.
The other new parts to set the pulse racing are the Fugitive wheel, 80GRIT rider footboards, brake pedal pad, foot controls, footpegs and HDMC engine trim selection ("contemporary style machined to perfection") consisting of a timer cover and derby cover for selected late models.
Whoopee doo!