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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

V-Factor Connecting Rods

Available in year/model specific versions for 1941/Early 1981, Late 1981/Early 1983 and Evo style (1983/199), V-Factor complete  Connecting Rod assemblies from Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts include the Rods, single hole crank pin, crank pin nuts, piston pin, bushings and rod rollers with aluminium retainers.

Connecting rods for OHV Big Twin

"Everything is fitted with standard size rollers ready to install. All rod sets measure 7.438" eye-to-eye. Replacement parts available, such as the aluminium rod roller retainer set with standard size rollers seen here for 1973/1986".
V-Factor also offers connecting rods and components for K model Sportsters and 45 c1 engines. These assemblies also come complete with everything fitted with standard size rollers ready to install.

Connecting rods for K Model, Sportster & 45 ci

The .895" standard O.D. piston pin bushings are sold in pairs and fit K model, Sportster and all years of 45 ci engines; .002" OS O.D. also available.