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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

PowerHouse Dyno Proven Cams for Big Twin Evo

Available in six grind/lift configurations for a versatile range of applications whether using hydraulic or solid lifters, these PowerHouse brand cams from Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts are "dyno proven for maximum performance - from bolt-in, for more all-around performance and touring, to .620" lift for those ground-pounding street and strip machines."
Available bolt-in with stock .500" lift for hydraulic lifters, the OE replacement PowerHouse cam is said to deliver "excellent mid-range performance with stock or ported heads. Low end power is not sacrificed for heavy two-up riding and they provide more snap throughout entire rpm range. They pull surprisingly hard with stock heads to about 5,600 rpm and are easy to tune for all types of carburetors and exhaust systems."
For hydraulic or solid lifters and recommended for use with performance valve springs, PowerHouse .530" lift cams are said to be an "excellent cam for 80 ci 9:1/10:1 compression and work well with stock or ported heads. The ideal performance cam for lighter Big Twins (FX and FXR type) wanting a good mid-range with fairly strong top end reworked carburetor jetting with a performance exhaust and ignition liberate the potential of the .530" PowerHouse cam."


PowerHouse cam options - from .500" to .620" lift

For hydraulic or solid lifters, and definitely requiring performance valve springs, the PowerHouse .560" is said to be the best cam in the range for higher compression 80 ci 9:1/11:1 applications and for strokers up to 96 ci that want lots of torque. "For use with stock or ported heads, they should only be used with performance exhaust, carburetion and ignition. They have a very strong mid-range with the ability to pull very hard up to about 6,500 rpm, depending on cylinder head air flow."
For hydraulic or solid lifters, the PowerHouse .565" is said to be a hotter version of the popular viper cam and has a sophisticated profile fast intake ramp with slower closing ramp for maximum cylinder fill. Requiring springs with a minimum of 175/190 lbs. seat pressure, it is described as a "perfect combination with high compression 10:1 plus compression for 80 ci and small strokers. It provides very strong upper mid-range, with 6,500 rpm top end power. For use with mild to wild ported heads, good free flowing exhaust, performance carb and ignition, dig in for the ride of your life."

Also for hydraulic or solid lifters and performance valve springs, ported heads are recommended for the .595", and solid lifters should be run to prevent damage from valve float if the application is going to exceed 7,000 rpm. The valve spring pressure should be minimum 180 lbs. seat pressure, and high compression 80 ci 11:1 compression engines "will really turn on with the .595" PowerHouse cam. This cam makes power from mid-range to extremely high rpm and is a hot set-up for 88 ci/98 ci street strokers and a killer cam for street strokers up to 103 ci below 10:5 compression."
Finally, and for solid lifters only, the sophisticated profile fast intake ramp and slower closing ramp for maximum cylinder fill of the PowerHouse .620" require a spring with a minimum of 190 lbs. seat pressure. "The best choice for 115 ci/140 ci 10:1 plus compression super big inch monster motors, it also works well with high compression 11:1 compression small stroker 88 ci/98 ci REV monsters, but doesn't start kicking until you're over 4,500 rpm - great for street use and occasional trips to the local track."