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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Feuling Parts

OE+ Twin Cam Hydraulic Cam Chain Conversion Camchest Kits

Californian performance specialist Feuling Parts offers dealers access to a flexible program of engine conversion options. The company's Good, Better and Best is an OE+ line, which is essentially OE replacement, but with improvements; the HP+ (High Performance Plus), which is aimed at upgrading street bikes to the max, and at the top of the range of options is the 'Race Series' - seriously enhanced performance for those who want to arrive before they've left!

Seen here, Feuling's OE+ complete camchest kits for 1999 and up Twin Cams include all necessary components from top to bottom of the camchest conveniently packaged under one part number.
These combination kits not only ensure individual parts are designed to work and function together, but to do so in total harmony - taking the guesswork out of the ordering process and guaranteeing  the engine builder "maximum reliability, peak performance and the coolest engine/oil temperatures obtainable."
The kits include the legendary Feuling​ high-volume oil pump, a high-flow camplate, a choice of Reaper ​series camshafts (from the workhorse 525 for increased torque band width and fuel economy to the 574 - ideal for modified heads), hydraulic roller lifters, adjustable pushrods, Timken ​bearings, gaskets, O-rings, exhaust gaskets, ARP ​fasteners, washers, moly paste, Loctite and hardware.
The included conversion camshafts update the old mechanical style cams and tensioners to the new hydraulic tensioner system, and the sprockets, hydraulic tensioners, chains and spacers needed for installation.
These camshafts utilize the 99-06 inner cam journals, with the 07-16 outer cam journals allowing the use of the 07-16 camplates, oil pump, hydraulic chain tensioners and chain drive system.
Feuling says the results are cooler engine temperatures, cooler oil temperatures, increased oil pressure, quieter and smoother engine operation and an end to wet sumping, blow-by and oily air cleaners.